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TiVo For Dummies

TiVo For DummiesThe first TiVo book written for consumers — not hackers — TiVo For Dummies contains tips and tricks for getting the most out of TiVo. It helps you choose the right TiVo for your existing TV setup, be it “rabbit ears” or a home theater.

It shows how to turn TiVo into your personalized “TV Manager,” automatically scouring the listings for the coming weeks and scheduling recordings of the shows you don’t want to miss.

  • Buying the right TiVo model for your needs
  • Setting up TiVo for cable, satellite, or a TV antenna
  • Making Season Passes automatically record your favorite TV shows
  • Creating WishLists to record your favorite actors or directors
  • Upgrading TiVo with a bigger hard drive
  • Automatically recording any shows featuring a particular subject
  • Connecting TiVo to your home computer
  • Playing MP3s through your home stereo through TiVo
  • Playing Internet Radio stations through TiVo
  • Troubleshooting problems

Should you decide to pop TiVo’s top, the book walks you through upgrading TiVo’s hard drive so you can add even more recording hours at Best Quality.

Feel free to browse the complete Table of Contents, or visit a complete set of TiVo-related links mentioned in the book.

Click the book’s cover to visit its link on Amazon, where you may browse through it online before buying it.

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