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I’ve written about computers and technology since the mid-80s. Since then, I’ve written more than 50 books, and “Windows For Dummies” has become the best-selling computer book series of all time. With more than 15 million books in print, I’ve earned spots on bestseller lists from the New York Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and Amazon.

My latest book, Windows 11 For Dummies, is available now from Amazon, local bookstores, and libraries near you.

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For computer- or book-related questions, visit my Mail page. I answer a reader’s question each week on my website.

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  • Media-related questions

For information about review copies, the “For Dummies” series, or Wiley Publishing, contact Wiley’s press agent for your country. For anything else, feel free to ask me directly.

  • Book contracts

I’m represented by Matt Wagner at Fresh Books Literary Agency.

  • Magazine/online assignments

I occasionally write articles for websites, magazines and newspapers. For more information or rates, contact me directly.

Recent work

Here’s a sampling of my most recent work. For details about my most recent books, visit my Books page.

Longer Bio

I began fiddling around with computers in the early 1980s as a Comparative Literature major at San Diego State University. Because of all the writing involved, I bought a 26-pound Kaypro 2X CP/M computer and a WordStar word processing program. When the professor asked for an eight-page term paper and I could only muster up six, I’d subtly adjust the margins of my word processor, squeezing the words into eight pages.

Intrigued with the possibilities of PCs, I began freelancing in 1987 for my first computer magazine, a local biweekly called ComputorEdge.  I soon began freelancing for CompuServe, PC World, and Shareware magazines, and ghostwriting for other computer book authors.

In 1992, I wrote the first edition of “Windows For Dummies.” As Windows grew more popular, more beginners began finding my books helpful. My books aren’t written for dummies, they’re written for people who feel like dummies when their computer or gadget doesn’t behave the way it should.

Today, I’ve written more than 50 books, and “Windows For Dummies” is the best-selling computer book series of all time. When not writing books, I enjoy cooking, bird watching, and playing ukulele.