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TiVo For Dummies Table of Contents


What’s in This Book?

How to Use This Book

Don’t Read These Parts

How This Book is Organized

Icons Used in This Book

Where to Go from Here

Part I: Before Buying Your TiVo

Chapter 1

Knowing the TiVo

Pausing Live TV

Controlling Your Own Instant Replays

Putting Your Television to Work

Zipping Past the Commercials

TiVo’s Sweet Little Gifts

TiVo and Your Home Computer

Saving Shows to VCR or DVD Burner

Just What Does TiVo Look Like?

Chapter 2: Buying the Right TiVo Model

What Your TiVo Needs

Paying for the TiVo Service

The TiVo Box

Choosing the Right TiVo for You

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your TiVo

Throwing in the Towel and Calling a Professional Installer

The Three Steps to Installing TiVo

Identifying Your Cables and Connectors, and Choosing the Highest Quality

Placing TiVo Near Your TV Set

Connecting TiVo to Your Phone Line

Connecting TiVo to Your Television Signal

Hooking Up TiVo without a Satellite or Cable Box

Connecting TiVo with a Cable or Satellite Box

Connecting TiVo’s Sound to Your Stereo

Connecting a VCR and Other Accessories between TiVo and Your TV

Recording One Show While Watching Another Live Show

Part II: Using the TiVo

Chapter 4: TiVo’s Remote and the Guided Setup

Preparing for TiVo’s Guided Setup

Knowing Your Remote

Completing Onscreen Guided Setup

Fine-tuning TiVo’s Remote

Chapter 5: Watching and Recording Live TV

Turning On and Watching Live TV

Recording Live TV

Pausing and Restarting Live TV

Instant Replays and Slow Motion

Finding Your Place in the Status Bar

Viewing Information about the Show You’re Watching

Changing Channels

Viewing and Recording through the Channel Guide

Weaning Yourself from Live TV

Live TV Remote Shortcuts

Chapter 6: Recording and Watching Favorite Shows

Creating a Season Pass to Record a Series

Entering Letters and Numbers Using the Remote

Creating WishLists to Record Favorite Things

Handling Scheduling Conflicts with the Season Pass Manager

Managing Your Recording Space

Checking TiVo’s List of Upcoming Recordings

Manually Recording by Time, Day, and Channel

Finding Interesting Shows to Record

Watching Recorded TV with TiVo

TiVo’s Suggestions and Your Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Buttons

Recorded TV Remote Shortcuts

Chapter 7: Fine-Tuning Your TiVo

Finding TiVo’s Settings and Preferences Menu

Turning Off the Remote’s Beeps

Weeding Out Unwanted Channels and Adding the Favorites

Reading TiVo’s Messages

Changing TiVo’s Phone Number and Dialing Options

Blocking Content with Parental Controls

Customizing the Channel Banner Display

Changing the Default Video Recording Quality

Making TiVo Stop Recording Suggestions

Part III: The Home Media Option

Chapter 8: Setting Up the Home Media Option

Understanding the Home Media Option

Knowing What Home Media Option Requires

Setting Up a Home Network and Connecting TiVo

Purchasing the Home Media Option

Installing TiVo Desktop on Your Computer

Troubleshooting the Home Media Option

Chapter 9: Putting TiVo’s Home Media Option to Work

Scheduling Recordings through the Web

Publishing Music and Photos to TiVo

Viewing Digital Photos on TiVo

Playing MP3s on TiVo

Sharing Shows between Two TiVos

Tips and Shortcuts for Music and Photos

Chapter 10: Fancy Home Media Option Tricks

Organizing Your Computer’s Files for TiVo

Enhancing TiVo Publisher with Other Programs

Part IV: Upgrading and Fixing Your TiVo

Chapter 11: When Things Go Wrong

Fixing Wrong Channel Lineups

Controlling Your TV’s (And/Or Stereo’s) Power and Volume with TiVo’s Remote

Fine-Tuning TiVo’s Suggestions

Troubleshooting Video Problems

Troubleshooting Sound Problems

Channel Changing Problems

Examining the Recording History

Solving Phone Problems

I Need More Storage Space!

Gathering Information about Your TiVo

Setting Up TiVo When You Move

Restarting or Resetting TiVo, or Starting from Scratch

Chapter 12: Adding More Storage Space to Your TiVo

Understanding Your Upgrade Options and Risks

Buying a Hard Drive Upgrade Kit

Opening Your TiVo

Removing the Old Drive

Adding the New Drive

Replacing TiVo’s Case

Making Sure TiVo Works

Chapter 13: Finding More TiVo Information on the Web

TiVo’s Own Web Site

Web Links to TiVo Fan Sites

TiVo Hacking Sites

Links to Upgrade Kit Vendors

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 14: Tips for Watching Live TV

Keeping Away from Live TV

Recording Live Shows On-the-Fly

Recording a Short Portion of a Live Show

Cutting Commercials from Live TV

Returning to a Paused Show

Recording Digital Cable Music Stations

Toggling between Two Live Shows

Chapter 15: Tips for Watching Recorded TV

Letting Shows Scroll Off Naturally

Fast-Forwarding 30 Seconds at a Time

Repeating Missed Dialogue

Creative Uses for Closed Captioning

Playing or Deleting Saved Shows Quickly

Saving Recorded Shows to a VCR

Chapter 16: Tips for Recording Shows

Finding Interesting Shows to Record

Making Sure TiVo Doesn’t Miss the Very End (Or Beginning) of Your Shows

Automatically Recording TV Premieres

Avoiding Overflows from TV Show Marathons

Navigating Menus More Quickly

Recording Movies or Shows with Forgotten Names

Setting Up TiVo for Vacations

Recording Sports Events

Chapter 17: Tips for Sharing TiVo with Family or Roommates

Sharing TiVo with a Roommate

Saving Space When Recording Long Shows

Buy a Second Remote

Setting Parental Controls Appropriately

Scheduling Children’s Shows

Adding Current Schoolwork to WishLists

Hiding the Remote from Children and Guests

Chapter 18: Ten Warning Screens and Their Cures

The Show Is Currently Being Recorded

The TiVo DVR Needs to Change the Channel

The Recorder Is Not Getting a Video Signal

The DVR Cannot Display Live TV

Please Activate Service

A Problem Occurred While Accessing the Server

Read New TiVo Messages and Setup

Press Thumbs Up to Record

Error Code: Error #32

Black Screen

Chapter 19: Ten Differences between TiVo and Generic DVRs

TiVo Automatically Searches for Shows

TiVo Offers a Season Pass

TiVo Offers a WishList

A Standalone TiVo Won’t Record in Dolby 5.1 Sound

TiVo’s a Time-Tested Technology

You Own TiVo

The DVR Lets You Watch One Show Live and Record Another Simultaneously

Chapter 20: Ten Big Differences between Series 1 and Series 2 TiVos

Differences in the TiVo Central Menu

Differences in the Now Playing Menu

Differences in the System Information Screen

Limitations of Series 1 TiVos



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