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Web sites mentioned in TiVo For Dummies

Grouped by subject, these Web sites each earned a mention in TiVo For Dummies. To find a particular site on this page, hold down Ctrl, press F and type the word you’re searching for.

Can’t find a site mentioned in the book? Please let me know, and I’ll add or update it. If it’s not mentioned in the book, try searching for it on Google.

Official TiVo Corporation Links

  • TiVo (www.tivo.com): TiVo’s official Web site.
  • Official Privacy Policy (www.tivo.com/privacy): TiVo explains its privacy policy, and lets you opt out of their data collection.
  • Manage My Account (www.tivo.com/manage): Log in to transfer TiVo ownership, view billing history, switch credit cards, and perform similar tasks.
  • Customer Support (www.tivo.com/support): TiVo provides customer support, troubleshooting tips, an e-mail address for questions, and a answers to most frequently asked questions.
  • User Manual (www.tivo.com/guides): Download a new manual for free in Adobe’s PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.
  • Approved Network Adapters (www.tivo.com/adapters): TiVo lists approved network adapters for connecting TiVo to your computer.
  • TiVo Store (https://www3.tivo.com/store/home.do): TiVo’s store sells new TiVos, professional installations, TiVo antenna balls, stuffed TiVo toys, and other items.
  • TiVo Desktop software (www.tivo.com/desktop): Home Media Option subscribers can download a manual and the TiVo Desktop software to begin linking TiVo to their computer.
  • TiVo Central Online (www.tivo.com/tco): Home Media Option subscribers can log on to schedule recordings for their TiVo.

TiVo Affiliates

  • United Kingdom TiVo Support (www.uk.tivo.com): TiVo support for United Kingdom customers.
  • DirecTV TiVos (www.directv.com/dvr): TiVo’s built specifically for DirecTV customers.

TiVo Discussion or Information

  • TiVo Community Forum (www.tivocommunity.com): Without a doubt, the most popular TiVo community on the Internet.
  • TiVo Frequently Asked Questions (www.tivofaq.com): Although out-of-date, this site answers many basic questions about TiVo.
  • The PVR Blog (www.pvrblog.com): Matt Haughey comments on TiVo and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs).
  • The Unofficial TiVo Hacker’s site (www.tivofaq.com/hack): Basic information on hacking TiVo (This page has since been removed from the site).
  • The TiVo Web Project (http://tivowebplus.sourceforge.net/): Software for advanced users that’s more comprehensive than the Home Media Option.
  • Jeff Keegan’s “Hacking TiVo” Support Site (http://keegan.org/hackingtivo/): Keegan runs this site to support his “Hacking TiVo” book (available on Amazon).
  • Richard Parker’s TiVo Wiring Guide (www.electrophobia.com/tivo): This fantastic site contains illustrations of how to connect TiVo in dozens of different combinations. (This site was no longer working as of April, 2010.)

TiVo Parts and Upgrades

  • WeaKnees (www.weaknees.com): WeaKnees sells the TiVo hard drive upgrade kits mentioned in TiVo For Dummies.
  • 9th Tee (www.9thtee.com): This company sells Series 1 network cards and other TiVo do-it-yourself upgrades.
  • PTV upgrade (www.ptvupgrade.com): Another company selling TiVo parts and upgrades.
  • Linksys (www.linksys.com/support): Linksys sells network adapters (wired and wireless) that work with TiVo, and provides detailed information about setting up a home network.

Other Useful Sites

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