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Windows Vista For Dummies Table of Contents

Part I: Windows Vista Stuff Everybody Thinks You Already Know

Chapter 1: What Is Windows Vista?

  • What Is Windows Vista, and Why Are You Using It?
  • Should I Bother Switching to Windows Vista?
  • Improved security
  • New Internet Explorer version
  • New Media Player and Media Center
  • DVD burning
  • Calendar
  • Easier searching for files
  • Vista looks prettier
  • Can My PC Still Run Vista?
  • Can I Make Windows Vista Look and Feel Like Windows XP?
  • The Five Flavors of Vista

Chapter 2: The Desktop, Start Menu, and Other Windows Vista Mysteries

  • Being Welcomed to the World of Windows Vista
  • Fiddling around with user accounts
  • Keeping your account private with a password
  • Working on the Desktop
  • Cleaning up a messy desktop
  • Jazzing up the desktop’s background
  • Dumpster diving in the Recycle Bin
  • The Start Button’s Reason to Live
  • The Start menu’s prime real estate
  • Starting a program from the Start menu
  • Customizing the Start menu
  • Bellying Up to the Taskbar
  • Shrinking windows to the taskbar and retrieving them
  • Clicking the taskbar’s sensitive areas
  • Customizing the taskbar
  • The taskbar’s crazy toolbars
  • The Sidebar
  • Logging Off from Windows

Chapter 3: Basic Windows Mechanics

  • Dissecting a Typical Window
  • Tugging on a window’s title bar
  • Typing in a Window’s Address Bar
  • Finding Vista’s hidden menu bar
  • Choosing the Right Button for the Job
  • Quick shortcuts with the Windows Vista Navigation Pane
  • Working with the Details pane
  • Moving inside a window with its scroll bar
  • Boring borders
  • Filling Out Bothersome Dialog Boxes
  • Poking the correct command button
  • Choosing between option buttons
  • Typing into text boxes
  • Choosing options from list boxes
  • Drop-down list boxes
  • Check boxes
  • Sliding controls
  • Maneuvering Windows Around the Desktop
  • Moving a window to the top of the pile
  • Moving a window from here to there
  • Making a window fill the whole screen
  • Closing a window
  • Making a window bigger or smaller
  • Placing two windows next to each other
  • Making windows open to the same darn size

Chapter 4: Flipping Through Files, Folders, Floppies, and CDs

  • Browsing Your Computer’s File Cabinets
  • Getting the Lowdown on Folders
  • Peering into Your Drives and Folders
  • Seeing the files on a disk drive
  • Seeing what’s inside folders
  • Creating a New Folder
  • Renaming a File or Folder
  • Selecting Bunches of Files or Folders
  • Getting Rid of a File or Folder
  • Copying or Moving Files and Folders
  • Seeing More Information about Files and Folders
  • Writing to CDs and DVDs
  • Buying the right kind of blank CDs and DVDs for burning
  • Copying files from or to a CD or DVD
  • Working with Floppy Disks and Memory Cards

Part II: Working with Programs and Files

Chapter 5: Playing with Programs and Documents

  • Starting a Program
  • Opening a Document
  • Saving a Document
  • Choosing Which Program Opens a File
  • The wrong program loads my file!
  • No program will open my file!
  • Taking the Lazy Way with a Shortcut
  • The Absolutely Essential Guide to Cutting, Copying, and Pasting
  • The quick ’n’ dirty guide to cut ’n’ paste
  • Selecting things to cut or copy
  • Cutting or copying your selected goods
  • Pasting information to another place
  • Windows Vista’s Free Programs!
  • Writing letters with WordPad
  • Keeping appointments with Calendar
  • Finding symbols like © with Character Map

Chapter 6: Briefly Lost, but Quickly Found

  • Finding Lost Windows on the Desktop
  • Locating a Missing Program, E-mail,
  • Song, Document, or Other File
  • Finding a Missing File in a Folder
  • Sorting, Grouping, and Stacking Files
  • Finding Lost Photos
  • Finding Other Computers on a Network
  • Finding Information on the Internet
  • Saving Your Searches
  • Commanding Vista’s Big Search
  • Fine-Tuning Vista’s Searches
  • Adding places to Vista’s index
  • Rebuilding the index

Chapter 7: Printing Your Work

  • Printing Your Masterpiece
  • Adjusting how your work fits on the page
  • Adjusting your printer’s settings
  • Canceling a print job
  • Printing a Web page
  • Installing new fonts
  • Troubleshooting your printer

Part III: Getting Things Done on the Internet

Chapter 8: Cruising the Web

  • What Is the Internet?
  • What’s an ISP, and Why Do I Need One?
  • Setting Up Internet Explorer the First Time
  • Navigating the Web with Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Moving from Web page to Web page
  • Making Internet Explorer open to your favorite site
  • Revisit favorite places
  • Finding things on the Internet
  • The Web Page Says It Needs a Weird Plug-In Thing!
  • Saving Information from the Internet
  • Saving a Web page
  • Saving text
  • Saving a picture
  • Downloading a program or file
  • It Doesn’t Work!
  • Removing Unneeded Plug-ins
  • The Pages Won’t All Fit on My Screen
  • Internet Explorer Now Fills My Entire Screen!

Chapter 9: Sending and Receiving E-mail

  • Using Windows Mail
  • Setting Up Your E-Mail Account
  • Composing and Sending an E-Mail
  • Reading a Received E-Mail
  • Sending and Receiving an Attachment
  • Finding Lost Mail
  • Managing Your Contacts
  • Reducing Your Spam

Chapter 10: Safe Computing

  • Understanding Those Annoying Permission Messages
  • Assessing Your Safety in Security Center
  • Changing the firewall settings
  • Changing Windows Update settings
  • Avoiding viruses
  • Staying Safe on the Internet
  • Avoiding evil add-ons and hijackers
  • Avoiding phishing scams
  • Avoiding and removing spyware and parasites
  • with Windows Defender
  • Using parental controls

Part IV: Customizing and Upgrading Windows Vista

Chapter 11: Customizing Windows Vista with the Control Panel

  • Finding the Right Switch in the Control Panel
  • System and Maintenance
  • User Accounts and Family Safety
  • Security
  • Changing Windows’ Appearance (Appearance and Personalization)
  • Changing the desktop background
  • Choosing a screen saver
  • Changing the computer’s theme
  • Changing the screen resolution
  • Changing Network and Internet Connections
  • Setting the Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options
  • Hardware and Sound
  • Adjusting Vista’s volume and sounds
  • Installing or setting up speakers
  • Adding a printer
  • Installing or adjusting other items
  • Adding new hardware
  • Adding or Removing Programs
  • Removing or changing programs
  • Adding new programs
  • Add/remove parts of Windows Vista
  • Modifying Vista for the Physically Challenged
  • Options for Laptops (Mobile PC)
  • Additional Options

Chapter 12: Keeping Windows from Breaking

  • Creating a Restore Point
  • Tuning Up Windows Vista with Built-In Maintenance Tools
  • Backing up your computer
  • Finding technical information about your computer
  • Freeing up space on your hard drive
  • Empowering your power button
  • Setting up devices that don’t work (fiddling with drivers)
  • Cleaning Your Computer
  • Cleaning your mouse
  • Cleaning your monitor
  • Cleaning your keyboard

Chapter 13: Sharing One Computer with Several People

  • Understanding User Accounts
  • Setting Up or Changing User Accounts
  • Switching Quickly between Users
  • Changing a User Account’s Picture
  • Setting Up Passwords and Security

Chapter 14: Connecting Two or More Computers with a Network

  • Understanding a Network’s Parts
  • Setting Up a Small Network
  • Buying parts for a network
  • Installing a wired network
  • Connecting Wirelessly
  • Setting up a wireless router or access point
  • Setting up Windows Vista to connect to a wireless network
  • Connecting to and Sharing Files with Other PCs on Your Network
  • Sharing a Printer on the Network
  • Troubleshooting a Network

Part V: Music, Movies, Memories (and Photos, Too)

Chapter 15: Playing and Copying Music in Media Player

  • Stocking Media Player’s Library
  • Browsing Media Player’s Libraries
  • Understanding Media Player’s Controls
  • Playing CDs
  • Playing DVDs
  • Playing Videos and TV Shows
  • Playing Music Files (MP3s and WMAs)
  • Playing Internet Radio Stations
  • Creating, Saving, and Editing Playlists
  • Copying CDs to Your PC
  • Burning Music CDs
  • Copying Songs to Your Portable Player
  • Buying Music and Movies from Online Stores
  • Working with Media Center
  • Browsing Media Center’s menus
  • Getting the most out of Media Center

Chapter 16: Fiddling with Photos and Movies

  • Using Your Computer as a Digital Shoebox
  • Dumping the camera’s photos into your computer
  • Browsing your photos with Windows Photo Gallery
  • Viewing a slide show
  • Fixing photos
  • E-mailing photos
  • Printing pictures
  • Creating, Editing, and Viewing Digital Movies and Slide Shows
  • Step 1: Import video, pictures, and music
  • Step 2: Edit your movie
  • Step 3: Save your edited movie or slide show
  • Saving a Movie or Slide Show to a DVD with Windows DVD Maker

Part VI: Help!

Chapter 17: The Case of the Broken Window

  • Vista Keeps Asking Me for Permission!
  • Restoring Calm with System Restore
  • Reviving Messed Up or Deleted Files
  • Undeleting accidentally deleted files
  • Retrieving previous versions of files and folders
  • Retrieving a Forgotten Password
  • My Folder (Or Desktop) Doesn’t Show All My Files!
  • My Mouse Doesn’t Work Right
  • My Double-Clicks Are Now Single Clicks!
  • Making Older Programs Run under Windows Vista
  • I Can’t Find the Menus!
  • My Computer Is Frozen Up Solid
  • The Printer Isn’t Working Right

Chapter 18: Strange Messages: What You Did Does Not Compute

  • Activate Windows Now
  • Check Your Computer Security
  • Do You Want to Get the Latest Online
  • Content When You Search Help?
  • Do You Want to Install (Or Run) This File?
  • Do You Want to Save Changes
  • Do You Want to Turn AutoComplete On?
  • Installing Device Driver Software
  • The Publisher Could Not Be Verified
  • Video Card Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Cannot Open This File
  • Windows Needs Your Permission to Continue
  • You Don’t Currently Have Permission to Access This Folder

Chapter 19: Moving from an Old Computer to a New One

  • Preparing to Move into Your New PC
  • Choosing how to transfer your old information
  • Installing your old PC’s programs onto your new PC
  • Transferring Information Between Two PCs
  • with Windows Easy Transfer
  • Disposing of the Old Computer

Chapter 20: Help on the Windows Vista Help System

  • Consulting a Program’s Built-In Computer Guru
  • Finding the Information You Need in Windows’
  • Help and Support Center
  • Summoning Windows Vista’s Troubleshooters

Part VII: The Part of Tens

Chapter 21: Ten or So Things You’ll Hate about

  • Windows Vista (and How to Fix Them)
  • I Can’t Stand Those Nagging Permission Screens
  • I Can’t Copy Ripped CDs and Purchased Music to My iPod
  • The Menus All Disappeared
  • Parental Controls Are Too Complicated
  • The “Glass” Effects Slow Down My Laptop
  • I Can’t Figure Out How to Turn Off My PC
  • Windows Makes Me Log On All the Time
  • The Taskbar Keeps Disappearing
  • I Can’t Keep Track of Open Windows
  • I Can’t Line Up Two Windows on the Screen
  • It Won’t Let Me Do Something Unless I’m an Administrator!
  • I Don’t Know What Version of Windows I Have
  • My Print Screen Key Doesn’t Work

Chapter 22: Ten or So Tips for Laptop Owners

  • Adjusting Your Laptop’s Settings Quickly
  • Choosing What Happens When You Close Your Laptop’s Lid
  • Adjusting to Different Locations
  • Changing your time zone
  • Dialing a modem from a new location
  • Connecting to a wireless Internet hotspot
  • Backing Up Your Laptop Before Traveling

Appendix: Upgrading to Windows Vista


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