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Microsoft discontinues Windows XP

Q: I keep reading that Microsoft is planning to phase out support of Windows XP later this year. Sad to say my computer is old, and it will need just about everything upgraded to run the most basic version of Vista. The upgrades would cost me more than a new PC with Vista installed.

So, when Microsoft stops supporting XP, what should I do to keep the computer operating without problems?

A: Don’t worry about what you read about Microsoft killing off Windows XP. Sure, Microsoft won’t sell Windows XP after June 30, 2008. But that doesn’t mean they’ll stop supporting it. Microsoft will still support XP until April, 2009. And Microsoft will still offer security patches until April 18, 2014.

Chances are, you’ll be itching for a new PC way before then.

But when that April 18, 2014 deadline looms, think about buying a new PC, if not during the 2013 holiday season, then during the early 2014 post-holiday sales.

After April 18, 2014, Microsoft will stop releasing security updates for Windows XP, and your trusty old Windows XP will be a huge target for cyberthieves.


Comment from bobby
Time June 12, 2011 at 9:19 am

Following Andy’s advice, I expect to run XP until these elderly Dells drop dead!

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