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How do I know if my computer has the Anniversary Update installed?

Q: How do I know if my computer has the Anniversary Update installed? Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, a large release of updates and fixes that substantially changes Windows 10, began arriving on computers in early August, 2016. However, Microsoft says the update could take up to three months to arrive on your PC. So, how […]

New! Windows 11 For Dummies available now at Amazon

Updated to cover Microsoft’s new version of Windows, Windows 11 For Dummies is available now from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I’ll even earn a small stipend from qualifying purchases. Have a question about the book? Ask me!

What’s in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update?

Microsoft released a big update to Windows 10 in early August, 2016. In the past, Microsoft would have bumped the name to Windows 11 and asked everybody to buy a new copy. But Microsoft now treats Windows 10 as a service rather than a product. Accordingly, Microsoft simply sends your computer this free update through […]

Making the Mail app’s links open in the desktop’s Internet Explorer

Q: When I click on an e-mailed link in Windows 8’s Mail app, the Start screen’s version of Internet Explorer opens. I prefer that the link open in the “real” Internet Explorer that runs on the desktop. How can I make the desktop’s version of Internet Explorer open when I click a link in the […]

How does Windows 8.1’s “Update 1” change my computer?

Q: After running Windows Update this morning, Windows 8.1 now acts differently. What gives? Is there anything major I should know about? A: Microsoft continues to tweak Windows 8, a major overhaul to Windows that caught many computer owners off guard. Microsoft tried to repair some of the damage with Windows 8.1, and today Microsoft […]