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Archive for 'Hardware'

Adjusting a microphone in Windows 7 or Vista

Q: I am new to Windows 7. I am trying to work with Skype, which uses a headset to send and receive voice messages. Unfortunately, my headset’s microphone doesn’t seem to be working. Before I invest in another headset, I want to be sure that my microphone is not being “muted” by a setting inside […]

Formatting a hard drive with NTFS

Q: I tried to create a System Image on my external hard drive, but Windows came up with this message: “This drive cannot be used to store a system image because it is not formatted with NTFS.” The hard drive already has some files. How do I format the drive to NTFS? A: Creating a […]

Should I vacuum my keyboard?

Q: Windows 7 for Dummies says to vacuum the keyboard to clean it. My laptop’s manual says, “to reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to internal components, do not use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the keyboard. A vacuum cleaner can deposit household debris on the keyboard surface.” Is it safe to […]

Fixing those Low on Virtual Memory messages

Q: What is virtual memory? Windows XP keeps sending me messages that my virtual memory is low. Also, what does it mean when my computer says that I don’t have enough storage on my computer? A: Windows uses memory to run the programs you see on your screen. When Windows asks for more memory than […]

The secret to printing address labels on envelopes

Q: Where can I buy one of those little rubber address stamps you describe on page 118 in your book Windows XP For Dummies, 2nd Edition? A: Ah, the old rubber stamp trick. See, no matter how fancy a printer you buy, you’ll almost always be let down in one key area: Printers can’t print […]