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Archive for 'Software'

Stopping media players from fighting over your music

Q: Windows XP won’t remember my choice of media players. When I right-click a music file and choose Play from the pop-up menu, I choose Windows Media Player. I also click the box that says, “Make this player default.” But the next time I open a music file, a different media player opens the file. […]

Clearing your recently opened documents history in Microsoft Word

Q: When I open Microsoft Word 2007, it lists the last documents I’ve opened. How do I clear those entries? A: Microsoft Word, like many programs, keeps track of your most recently opened documents. That’s often quite handy, as you usually open the same document several times before finishing and moving on. But when you’re […]

Uninstalling Windows Live Messenger

Q: I have had my computer for 14 months. All of a sudden when it boots up there is a prompt for me to sign into Windows Live Messenger. I can’t get it to stop. I do not nor have I ever used Windows Live Messenger. How do I get rid of it? A: Like […]

My Firefox toolbars all disappeared!

Q: I attempted to eliminate an unwanted Yahoo toolbar on my Firefox browser. Now, I’ve lost my browser bar, menu bar, and the standard buttons toolbar. I can’t do anything with Firefox. I tried System Restore. I also tried to drag the screen down, but nothing will move. How do I put the normal toolbars […]

How do I close all currently running programs?

Q: I was reading a manual on a printer I received recently. One of the installation steps was “Close all currently running programs.” I’m not sure how to do this. What do I do? Help! A: Whether you’re reading steps from a printer’s manual or installing a new program, you’ll almost certainly spot this phrase: […]