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I'm one of today's best-selling computer book writers, with more than 15 million books in print.

This website keeps you up-to-date on my books, and your computers. Each week, I answer a reader's question on-line.

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Tag: security

Windows won’t let me save files to my USB flash drive!

Q: I’m the only user of my Windows computer. I have a USB flash drive where I keep personal pictures and emails from friends. My old Windows XP computer let me save pictures or emails on the drive. But when I try to save files on the drive with a newer version of Windows, I […]

Downloading and installing Microsoft’s free antivirus program

Most people hate their antivirus program for many reasons. Once you buy an antivirus program, for example, you’re stuck paying an annual fee. If you ever stop, the program stops working. And when most antivirus programs do their job, they often slow down your PC by overloading it with an overblown security “suite,” which duplicates […]

Securely erasing a PC’s hard drive

Q: I’m donating my old PC to charity. How can I wipe off all my old data, including any credit card numbers, tax information and household budgets? A: Deleting everything on your hard drive, or reformatting your hard drive doesn’t truly eliminate its information. Many data recovery specialists can still recover the files, a fact […]