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Archive for 'Windows 7 for Dummies'

When your own name is misspelled in Windows Live Mail

Q: I am about to tear my hair out! I’ve nagged the techs who set up this computer until they duck and run. My email name is spelled wrong, and I can’t get it changed on my outgoing emails. HELP! A: When you’ve accidentally misspelled your own name in your e-mail program, how do you […]

Defragmenting a hard drive in Windows 7

A: When writing information to your hard drive, Windows usually breaks the files into pieces, stuffing them into whatever empty space it can find. When retrieving a file, Windows rummages for those scattered pieces, which takes a little time. To speed things up, Windows includes a disk defragmentation program: The program gathers up all those […]

Windows no longer shows photo layouts for printing

Q: On Figure 16-5, page 319 of Windows 7 For Dummies, I don’t have any photo layout options for printing other than full page. How can I get a choice of layouts, please? I am tired printing single photos. A: Windows 7’s built-in Photo Printing Wizard normally lists a variety of photo layout choices along […]

What’s the difference between a System Image and a regular backup in Windows 7?

Q: I want to mirror my hard drive on an external hard drive. On page 237 of Windows 7 For Dummies, your book says “theĀ  [Backup and Restore] program also creates a system image – an exact copy of the drive Windows 7 lives on.” Is this what I want? A: Windows 7’s Backup and […]

Filling, fitting, stretching, tiling or centering your desktop background

Q: On page 214 of Windows 7 for Dummies, you mention how “to fill in, fit, stretch, tile, or center” the desktop wallpaper, but I cannot find out where you explain the difference. It was so easy to do in Windows XP. Also, Windows XP’s screensaver could put my photos on rotation, with their file […]