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My TV’s DVD player can’t display my CD’s photos!

Q: I am trying to copy digital photos from my computer to a compact disc to play on my TV’s Panasonic DVD player. But even when I tell Windows 7 to create a CD using the “With a cd/dvd player” option, my DVD player can’t display the photos. The DVD player just says, “Cannot open […]

Windows won’t let me save files to my USB flash drive!

Q: I’m the only user of my Windows computer. I have a USB flash drive where I keep personal pictures and emails from friends. My old Windows XP computer let me save pictures or emails on the drive. But when I try to save files on the drive with a newer version of Windows, I […]

How do I close all currently running programs?

Q: I was reading a manual on a printer I received recently. One of the installation steps was “Close all currently running programs.” I’m not sure how to do this. What do I do? Help! A: Whether you’re reading steps from a printer’s manual or installing a new program, you’ll almost certainly spot this phrase: […]

Fixing those Low on Virtual Memory messages

Q: What is virtual memory? Windows XP keeps sending me messages that my virtual memory is low. Also, what does it mean when my computer says that I don’t have enough storage on my computer? A: Windows uses memory to run the programs you see on your screen. When Windows asks for more memory than […]

Fixing pesky Windows Updates that refuse to install

Q: Windows Update says three important updates are available. But the downloads always fail, leaving an error code of 646. I’m frustrated. Can I simply delete those updates? If they never install, what’s the point of my computer continually reminding me that they are available for downloading? What do you recommend? A: Some updates not […]