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Tag: Start menu

Putting a program’s icon back onto the Start menu

Q: I wanted to copy a program’s icon from the Start menu to the Desktop, but something went wrong. Now the icon has disappeared from the Start menu’s All Programs area, and it’s only on the Desktop. How do I put the icon back on the Start menu’s All Program’s area? A: Like many things […]

What version of Windows do I have, and is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

Q: I’m trying to install a program, but I don’t know if my computer has a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. I don’t even know what version of Windows I have. PC technicians usually repair my PC, and I don’t know what version came with my computer. How can I find out if my […]

How do I open Desktop icons with a single click?

Q: I am unable to use a single click to open a desktop icon. Can you help please? A: Windows 7’s desktop icons traditionally require a double-click to open. A single-click does the trick on the Start menu and Taskbar, but the Desktop wants that extra effort of a double-click. But if you don’t like […]

Fixing Vista’s missing Hibernate option

Q: I use the Hibernate option a lot. But today I clicked the Start button, and the Hibernate option is missing from Vista’s Shut Down menu! How can I put Hibernate back on the menu? A: When you click Hibernate from Vista’s Shut Down menu, Vista grabs information from your PC’s memory — your currently […]

The “All Programs” entry disappeared from my Windows XP Start menu!

Q: My friend has lost his “All Programs” button on his Start menu. How can we reactivate it? We¬†tried going to oldest “System Restore” point, but that didn’t work. Since he didn’t have desktop icons for those programs, he’s running on borrowed time. Can you help us? A: This sounds suspiciously like your friend accidentally […]