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Tag: Desktop

Why doesn’t the Charms bar’s Share icon work in Internet Explorer?

Q: I’m reading through Windows 8 For Dummies. In the book’s Charms bar section, it says that the Charms bar’s Share icon lets you share via email whatever web page you’re looking at. When I try to do that my Charms bar’s Share box says “Nothing can be shared from the desktop.” Isn’t the desktop […]

Putting a program’s icon back onto the Start menu

Q: I wanted to copy a program’s icon from the Start menu to the Desktop, but something went wrong. Now the icon has disappeared from the Start menu’s All Programs area, and it’s only on the Desktop. How do I put the icon back on the Start menu’s All Program’s area? A: Like many things […]

How do I open Desktop icons with a single click?

Q: I am unable to use a single click to open a desktop icon. Can you help please? A: Windows 7’s desktop icons traditionally require a double-click to open. A single-click does the trick on the Start menu and Taskbar, but the Desktop wants that extra effort of a double-click. But if you don’t like […]

Adjusting desktop icon spacing in Windows 7

How to adjust the spacing between icons on the desktop and in folders in Windows 7.

Shrinking Vista’s Desktop icons to fit small laptop screens

Q: I recently purchased a Dell XPS420 with Vista. How do I get the desktop icons to a small size? Dell told me the current size is the smallest I can have with my graphics card. But my old laptop that runs with Windows XP is four years old and has a much cheaper graphics card, yet […]