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Archive for 'Windows Vista'

Setting up multiple Home pages in Internet Explorer 9

Q: I can’t find the arrow next to the Home page button mentioned on page 150 of Windows 7 For Dummies. I want to use several Home pages, each opened with its tab along the page’s top. What do I do? A: Microsoft released a new version of Internet Explorer through Windows Update, which replaced […]

Adjusting a microphone in Windows 7 or Vista

Q: I am new to Windows 7. I am trying to work with Skype, which uses a headset to send and receive voice messages. Unfortunately, my headset’s microphone doesn’t seem to be working. Before I invest in another headset, I want to be sure that my microphone is not being “muted” by a setting inside […]

Stopping media players from fighting over your music

Q: Windows XP won’t remember my choice of media players. When I right-click a music file and choose Play from the pop-up menu, I choose Windows Media Player. I also click the box that says, “Make this player default.” But the next time I open a music file, a different media player opens the file. […]

Putting a program’s icon back onto the Start menu

Q: I wanted to copy a program’s icon from the Start menu to the Desktop, but something went wrong. Now the icon has disappeared from the Start menu’s All Programs area, and it’s only on the Desktop. How do I put the icon back on the Start menu’s All Program’s area? A: Like many things […]

What version of Windows do I have, and is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

Q: I’m trying to install a program, but I don’t know if my computer has a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. I don’t even know what version of Windows I have. PC technicians usually repair my PC, and I don’t know what version came with my computer. How can I find out if my […]